Abundance Skin Care

So Clean You Could Eat It! ​TM

Abundance Skin Care believes deeply in living a life filled with healthy choices.  From the foods we eat to the homes we live in, we strive to live pure and natural at every level. Like most new moms, we were unsatisfied with the limited choices available for non-toxic, perfume and chemical-free products for the skin. Abundance Skin Care was born! 

Organic & non-GMO

Safe for Infants

Sunscreen is a great rash cream!

SPF 30 - Zinc oxide

Won’t make you look like a ghost!
Perfect for sensitive skin
Dads love it
Free of Toxins & Chemicals Reduces Redness & Inflammation
Single File Aligned & Bio-Availabile

Made by our family for your family!

11 ingredients or less in our products


Abundant living begins with self-care. We believe it is crucial to use the highest quality, organic ingredients to protect our skin from cosmetic toxins.   Our Essential Night Cream & Sunscreen (SPF 30) are age defying, calming, hydrating, unscented & organic. We use a proprietary Intelligent Water technology to single file align & re-energize all our products for maximum anti-inflammatory and age-defying benefits.

Our sunscreen (SPF 30) provides a physical barrier to sun damage using non-nano and non-micronized zinc oxide. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and absorbs whatever you put on it – good and bad.   With our sunscreen, you are getting broad spectrum sun protection and no toxins entering your body through your skin.  We guarantee that it won’t make you look like a ghost & is a great rash cream!

Our “essential” night cream is our “everything” cream”.   From head to toe, It’s great after sun, super moisturizing and just feels “yummy”.  It's perfect for softening skin after bathing, removing cradle cap, and keeping Mom's & Dad's faces looking young and healthy after those long sleepless nights. It works great anytime of day to soothe scrapes and skin irritations that magically disappear a short time after it is applied.

So Clean You Could Eat It! TM